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Holiday Quests in World of Warcraft

Image from Wowhead. World of Warcraft is owned by Blizzard

I love holiday quests and achievements and would say it is my absolute favorite thing about the game! As it would be, Hallows End just began this week and as always I have been going around trick-or-treating like my life depended on it. I wouldn’t really say there is a specific holiday quest that I love the most because I love them all. However, the achievement that I want the most is the What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been. The reward for this achievement is a violet proto-drake.

For as long as I can remember, holiday questing has always been a must for me but like any other gamer, I always take a break now and then. Unfortunately, my planning for these breaks has always been bad because I’m only one holiday away from receiving this well-earned proto-drake and that’s the Midsummer Fire Festival. You better watch out Midsummer 2019….I’m coming for you!

❤ Ruubin

P.S. This is Day 19 of my World of Warcraft 30 Day Challenge. Want to participate? Check out the full challenge here.

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World of Warcraft Achievements

Here we are again, talking about World of Warcraft Achievements! However, this time, I wanted to make a list of my top 3 favorite achievements of all time.

Going Down? – Fall 65 yards without dying: The first time I got this achievement was a complete accident. I was questing as a new Blood Elf in Sunstrider Isle on the top of the tower in Falthren Academy when I suddenly had the urge to jump into the water from the top. However, I completely miscalculated my jump and ended up in the water….mere inches from the ground. Such a close call!

The Coin Master – Fish up every copper, silver, and gold coin in the Dalaran fountain: I’ve spent hours….literally hours!…on this achievement. Basically, just plan on sitting by the fountain and fishing for hours straight until you have all the coins (at least over 30+ coins). I managed to complete this achievement while waiting on raid parties and dungeon cues.

Trick or Treat – Receive treats from the candy bucket outside an inn. This is a series of achievements where you go trick or treating.

What are your top three favorite achievements?

❤ Ruubin

P.S. This is Day 18 of my World of Warcraft 30 Day Challenge. Want to participate? Check out the full challenge here.

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My World of Warcraft Team

I have four active servers….*runs and hides*…with 35 characters total. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was obsessed with World of Warcraft. However, I have a lot of characters under level 40 and even though I have four servers, I would technically say that two of those are inactive since the server I started on is now a “full server” which my friends can’t play on. So, to introduce everyone, I thought I would just list the active characters with their current level (as of Oct. 2018) and a note or two about my favorites.


Image from wowhead. World of Warcraft is owned by Blizzard. 

Bephnie – Lvl 105 Demon Hunter: I love demon hunters and playing this character is one of my favorite because of the insane we started doing more dungeons.

Ruubindolle – Lvl 43 Paladin

Mushema – Lvl 49 Shaman: This is my “current” character that I started last week. I created her so that I would have a better healing class when questing/raiding with my friends. They’ll thank me later, haha!

Miranie – Lvl 32 Hunter: This is my second most active player since I play this character with my friends at least once a week.


Image from wowhead. World of Warcraft is owned by Blizzard. 

Ruubin Lvl 101 Paladin: This is my “main” character which I started out with from the very beginning. I’ll share more about her story throughout this challenge.

Kattina  Lvl 101 Warlock

Hermionie Lvl 91 Priest: Another one of my most played characters. I love my priest and would play her a lot more often but at the moment she’s just at an odd level for me to play with when hanging out with friends (no one has a character around her level yet)

Rokxis Lvl 89 Hunter: Another one of my favorite characters! Rokxis is actually named after the nickname my friends gave me in high school (we were Final Fantasy nerds).

KittyKatty Lvl 69 Mage

Pinka Lvl 60 Rogue: Not only to sugar coat it…this is my least favorite character, haha!

KittyKatters Lvl 56 Death Knight: The newest member of the team!

What does your World of Warcraft team look like?

❤ Ruubin

P.S. This is Day 14 of my World of Warcraft 30 Day Challenge. Want to participate? Check out the full challenge here.






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World of Warcraft Professions: Which Are Your Favorite?

Back in the day, I used to be obsessed with World of Warcraft professions. I would spend hundreds of gold buying material from the auction house instead of just farming it myself. I would even spend days solely on updating my professions. However, all that time and gold spent and I really don’t have a single profession that’s mastered. Yet, professions are still fun and here are my top two favorite professions.

1. Tailoring

I love tailoring because I love making my own bags. Not only is it extremely convenient when I need to upgrade them but farming the material is actually pretty easy. As long as you loot while questing or doing dungeons, you typically will loot some type of fabric. In addition, my favorite mount is the Flying Carpet which unfortunately requires a specific level of tailoring to use.

I think the hardest thing about this profession is in the earlier stage when you need wool. I’m not sure what it is about the wool but I can’t never seem to collect enough no matter what race, class, or faction I am.

2. Alchemy

This profession always fascinated me because in theory, using potions to enhance your skills seems like a good practice. I’m not sure how popular potions and alchemy are in the newer expansions but I remember in WotLK that you didn’t want to go to a raid without them.

What’s your favorite professions?

❤ Ruubin

P.S. This is Day 13 of my World of Warcraft 30 Day Challenge. Want to participate? Check out the full challenge here.

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World of Warcraft Character Names

Naming characters is always really hard. On one hand, you want that perfect name that people will immediately compliment you on for your cleverness but no the other hand, you just want a name you can pronounce/remember when you have to send yourself mail.

My first character name was Ruubin. Ruubin’s name is the most unique because we actually put some thought into it. Basically, I’m born in July and my birthstone is a Ruby but Ruby was already taken so long story short…Ruubin was born.

As for the other characters, a lot of times I just spam the name generator button until I find something I can pronounce. But, on occasion, I do come up with witty character names that reflect my personality…like KittyKatty (my human priest) or KittyKatters (my gnome death knight).

How do you come up with names?

❤ Ruubin

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Starting Zones: Wandering Isle & Eversong Woods

One of the things I really like about World of Warcraft is each character race has a different starting zone. This is one of the ways I think the game stays fresh and interesting to those that want to try out different character races or classes. Not only can you try several classes without having to do the same starting quest line (unless you pick the same race, of course) but it also adds several more hours of new game play.

Eversong Woods Image Source Blizzard Fields from YouTube (World of Warcraft is owned by Blizzard)

I think, for the most part, I have played every class and race (except the latest expansion additions) at least a handful of times. With this experience, there are two starting zones specifically that I just can’t get tired of: Wandering Isle (starting zone for Pandarians) and  Eversong Woods (starting zone for Blood Elves).

Wandering Isle Image Source Via WoW Wiki (World of Warcraft is owned by Blizzard)

What I love the most about these two areas is the bright colors of the area. In addition, the maps are a decent size considering you spend the first 20 levels running without a mount. Unlike other maps, like Mulgore and Azuremyst Isle. I also happen to love the Blood Elves and Pandarians so having a race that I love to play always helps.

What’s your favorite starting zone?

❤ Ruubin

P.S. This is Day 11 of my World of Warcraft 30 Day Challenge. Want to participate? Check out the full challenge here.


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World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Instances

Image Source via (World of Warcraft is owned by Blizzard)

Of all the dungeons and raids in World of Warcraft, the Burning Crusade expansion instances are my least favorite. Mostly because my memory of any quest, raid, or dungeon in the Outland areas was a negative experience. However, the one that I found myself constantly playing over and over was The Blood Furnace.

There isn’t really anything specific about this instance that stands out specifically. It’s just one that I seemed to cue up for the most. Plus, I do happen to think Broggok is a clever dungeon boss compared to some of the other humanoid and beast characters we encounter.

I wish I had something a little more interesting for this specific World of Warcraft question but, alas, I do not (haha!). What about you? What’s your favorite or least favorite Burning Crusade instance?

❤ Ruubin

P.S. This is Day 10 of my World of Warcraft 30 Day Challenge. Want to participate? Check out the full challenge here.