Anime Challenge

Anime Challenge Day 22: What Anime Has the Saddest Death Scene?

I’m actually rewording this question since I didn’t want to give away any drastic spoilers when it came to the two anime I was originally thinking of. So, instead, I wanted to talk about one of the saddest scenes in an anime (which in a sense could also count as a “death scene”). However, that’s not to say this post won’t include any spoilers so please read this responsibly.

So, I recently started watching an anime called Vampire Knight (so, if you haven’t made it to episode 6, than you might want to move on to another blog already. Even though the plot is a little over the top (why go to the struggle of having a high school with both humans and vampires when they can’t go to school together?) I’ve found myself strangely invested in Yuki and Zero’s relationship.

Image Source – Matsuri Hino

One of the saddest scenes I’ve seen in an anime is when we find out that Zero is actually a vampire and he’s been fighting this fate alone. I guess I sort of knew one of them was bound to turn into a vampire but for Zero to become one was a little more devastating considering vampires killed his entire family.

In addition, I actually find Vampire Knight to be a rather depressing anime show in general. There’s the whole “level E” vampires which are just humans that have been turned into vampires and eventually become uncontrollable creatures (yes, that helps clear up Zero’s fate). And, the whole love triangle with Yuki, Zero, and Kaname.

What’s the saddest anime or moment in an anime that you’ve watched?

❤ Ruubin

P.S. This is Day 22 of A Geeky Gal’s 30 Day Anime Challenge, which you can find more about here.


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