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Anime Challenge Day 26: Who is your Favorite Anime Villain?

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea behind the anime Death Note and was really excited when Netflix released a live action version. (Which, I hear from the anime gurus wasn’t actually very good). However, since I’m not familiar with the actual anime, I actually enjoyed the live action film quite a bit.

In a way, I would say Light and his girlfriend Misa are villains since they are writing down names for people they think should be killed. Sure, at the beginning they are only killing people who “deserve it” such as people who have committed crimes like murder. However, who’s to really say who deserves to die and who doesn’t. Definitely not two teenagers.

However, they aren’t the “villains” I’m referring to in this question. The villain that is my favorite is actually Ryuk. The way I see it, Ryuk is kind of like the genie character from Aladdin. He’s bound by an object that basically allows him to “grant wishes” only his wishes are death sentences. However, unlike most genies, instead of finding this destiny to be like a prison, he actually seems to find amusement out of the whole idea of killing people.

Image Source Netflix

I like this character just because he’s a new twist on the whole idea of the grim reaper (or death) that we see in a lot of anime. He doesn’t wear a cloaked robe or scythe but yet death follows him everywhere.

Anyways, enough about me….who is your favorite anime villain? Also, has anyone seen the Death Note anime? It’s on my watch list.

❤ Ruubin

P.S. This is Day 26 of A Geeky Gal’s 30 Day Anime Challenge, which you can find more about here.


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