Anime Challenge

Anime Challenge Day 30 – What Anime Did You Think You Wouldn’t Like, But Ended Up Loving?

If you haven’t noticed already, a lot of the anime I watch revolves around some kind of robot or machine that the characters use to fight with. Van’s machine, Dan, from Gun X Sword, would be my absolute favorite. So, naturally, it wouldn’t surprise me to get a recommendation for a mecha anime such as Gurren Lagann. However, when watching the first episode, I was pretty sure it just wasn’t for me. Mostly because I found Simone to be an extremely whiny character that I didn’t really want to see anymore.

Yet, my husband convinced me to stick it out and now I’m absolutely in love with this anime. It’s hilarious and even Simone is starting to grow on me. (Simone is basically all of us as we transition into adulthood). I’ve also found that it has some of the most hilarious quotes…like:


Anyways, today is Day 30! I’ve really enjoyed this challenge. It’s brought back a lot of memories with some of my favorite anime and I’ve also received a lot of awesome recommendations for anime to watch.

This challenge has been just what I needed to start developing a better blogging schedule and to also start writing more. A Geeky Gal’s challenge has inspired me to create my own challenge. So, for the month of October, I will be switching gears a little and will be spending the next thirty days talking about my favorite video game. Stay tuned to see what that challenge looks like in tomorrow’s post.

❤ Ruubin


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